Pointing at a New Planet

IOCOSE (2020) Pointing at a New Planet, Video loop, excerpt.

Pointing at a New Planet is a video loop animation of a 3D model of the hand of Elon Musk flying over Mars. Musk is one of the most famous investors of the New Space movement, that is, the rush to privatised spaceflight and planet colonisation. The video is presented with a karaoke song and an animated text in overlay. The song is composed and sung by Albertine Sarges, the lyrics are a collage of the most bombastic statements and slogans made by Elon Musk while promoting his company, SpaceX. We have been researching how the major actors of the NewSpace movement involve their audiences during public talks, gesticulating and pointing at invisible planets, to make the audience picture the not yet visible future of mankind. In these visions of the future, complexity and diversity are flattened, and the flattening is instrumental to preserve the current conditions of economic inequality.

A film by: IOCOSE
Music: Albertine Sarges

Photo Exhibition “Loops & Vectors“: Matteo Cattaruzzi

Photo Exhibition “All of your Base“:  Domen Pal / Aksioma




  • The Fortune Teller. ArtVerona with MLZ Art Dep, Verona – Italy
  • All of your Base, Aksioma, Ljubljana – Slovenia. Curated by Claudia D’Alonzo.


  • IBTWN – In Between, online exhibition for XL – Centrale Fies. Curated by Claudia D’Alonzo.


  • Eigenbedarf, Uferhallen, Berlin, Germany. Curated by Isabelle Meifert


  • Cos’è la NewSpace Economy, il colonialismo a matrioska del futuro – interview with Claudia D’Alonzo, Che Fare, July 16 2020, link (italian only).
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  • Artistic engagements with the New Space age – The Open University, January 2021, interview with Alessandra Marino,  link.