Free From History

IOCOSE (2021) Free From History, Video loop, excerpt.

Imagined as a sequel to Pointing at a New Planet, Free from History is a video loop animation of a hand terraforming an extra-terrestrial planet. A karaoke song draws on texts used by investment companies endorsing the expansion of markets in Outer Space. In the terraforming phase, the atmosphere and ecology of the new planet are made habitable by human life.  As part of the same process, the mineral and gas resources of the planet are extracted, and made valuable for Earth’s economy. The wildest desires and pleasures of the colonising hand are fulfilled on the new planet: an entertainment park where capitalistic speculations, no longer possible on planet Earth, can keep on running, never to be challenged.

A film by: IOCOSE

Producer: Aksioma
Music: Albertine Sarges

Photo Exhibition “All of your Base“:  Domen Pal / Aksioma

Photo Exhibition “Loops & Vectors“: Matteo Cattaruzzi





  • Cos’è la NewSpace Economy, il colonialismo a matrioska del futuro – interview with Claudia D’Alonzo, Che Fare, July 16 2020, link (italian only).
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  • Artistic engagements with the New Space age – The Open University, January 2021, interview with Alessandra Marino,  link.
  • Why I want to fuck Elon Musk – a novel by Daniel Rourke, published by Aksioma. 2021, link.