Following several months of spying and documentation, IOCOSE gets in contact with the Doughboys.

While the whole of Italy is obsessed with the orchestration of private patrolling and the appointment of self-made sheriffs, it seems that there is no room for the pleasure of crime.

Until now.

IOCOSE is proud to introduce a group of authentic superheroes.

Where legality and moralism overrule, the Doughboys are ready to share in this desire for subversion.

Who is going to stop them?

They sneak in the streets and patrol the city. Their identity is concealed through the use of masks.

The Doughboys were born in the bends of popular culture; they mix stories, references, strategies and symbols. Like ghosts made up of forgotten ideas, forgotten times.

State, Law, Property. Wherever those invisible monsters are causing distress, that’s where you can find these masked marvels.

Thanks to the Doughboys, the streets couldn’t be more unsafe.

The Yuppie. Downloads files from internet and spreads CDs in the streets, defying copyright rules.

The Goalkeeper. Plays football and sets up instant matches, taking back public spaces.

The Pope. Gives free drugs to the passers-by, with no regard of prohibitionists laws.

IOCOSE (2009) Doughboys, Video, 06′ 16”.

IOCOSE (2009) Who Are The Doughboys (Trailer), Video, 00′ 42”.

Video Shooting: Alessandro Roviglioni
Video Editing: Giulio Tiberi
Soundtrack: Emanuele Lapponi



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