Although the use of advanced science and machineries, food industries have never tried to do something more other than recreating the real thing.
IOCOSE investigated into this trend and, with the help of the workshop participants, explored the local food traditions and the famous industries in Brianza (Milan – Lombardia).
Thanks to mechanical procedures, the original recipes were preserved in the taste but mutated in the look. The futuristic and rational shapes of the old/new food moved the audience to disgust and curiosity at the same time, as a buffet was served during the opening.

Workshop held at AreaOdeon gallery, Monza,  Italy
11th-17th May 2009
exhibition open until 31st May 2009

Participants: Simona Barbagallo, Sara Benaglia, Lorenzo de Liguoro, Gianmario Mazzola, Serena Pollastri