Win Nothing Day

How many days have you spent in a supermarket?
How many times have you believed on the promises of “instant happiness”?

In November 2006 IOCOSE organized a contest all across Europe. Thousands of stickers were affixed to a variety of products on the shelves of supermarkets and stores alike. Each of these stickers had a code which had been registered on The website was a mockery with poor quality graphics, useless requests for personal data, slow loading time. A blind trust was needed to suffer the website, the same that takes us every given day in front of the shelves.
Every code was the “lucky” one, but here comes the bitter sweet truth: you won, but there is no prize.
Everytime you participated in the contest you were sure you could really gain some type of “real happiness” out of it. Maybe it’s time to get more serious about your life!
The more you go to your local market, the more you keep losing. You keep believing that there is a prize for you, but you are just moved by an illusion. They keep winning everytime you believe, you lose everytime they win. Today is a Win Nothing Day, or a day lost in the hope to win something. How many times would you win, if you stopped believing?

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