Next Query

NextQuery is an agency for greedy managers and so-called “gossips”, hidden away in the coolest pubs and the most important places of the industry. An agency that is a mix of tele-sales, the secret service, tabloids and Search Engine Optimization agencies.
Mission: get the Google first page for the query of the future… and sell it back to the best offer.

NextQuery sells Google’s first search pages for the keywords that are going to be crucial in one year from now.
The first page of Google: a certificate of existence for whatever is searched on the Web,
a place you can blindly trust.

No matter how much money it’ll cost. All the web sites want to be there and are ready to fight like hell, they want a piece of it… and they going to have it!
An amazing treasure for Google, that constantly refreshes its index with the most sophisticated techniques, forcing everyone to be updated. A treasure based on words, an endless source of money.