Instant Protest

IOCOSE (2017), Instant Protest, Crowdsourced digital image.

Instant Protest is an online service offered by IOCOSE to sell customised protests. Photos of people demonstrating in the streets are bought on eBay for $10 each, and buyers can request any slogan they like to be written on the signs of the protesters. IOCOSE draws on crowdsourcing platforms (such as to commission online workers from anywhere in the world to take photos of themselves while staging the protest chosen by the buyer. The final product is a photographic documentation of a global protest, re-usable for news articles, social media campaigns, lobbying and political movements.

Instant Protest has been presented in the framework of #Exstrange, a live exhibition project that showcased artworks conceived by contemporary artists to be encountered, auction-style, by the passersby of eBay. Curated by Marialaura Ghidini and Rebekah Modrak, #Exstrange involved more than 30 international artists between January and April 2017.

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  • #Exstrange, live exhibition project on eBay, Jan- Apr 2017