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The quality of tuna fish for dogs is better than the average tuna for humans. Their tuna fish has a cool packaging, with a smiling dog on the cover. Dogs are having fun of us humans, and they have reasons to: there may be good tuna for humans, but for sure there is no bad tuna for dogs.
Every given day we see dogs having a wealthier life than eighty per cent of mankind. They have a place to sleep, healty food, they practice sports and have a wonderful pedigree.
The media assure that our lack of empathy can be fulfilled by adopting a pet. They incourage us to take care of them, transforming adopters into heroes, people who have satisfied their daily need for philanthropy by feeding a pet.
We live in a softened word where taking care of animals is all that really matters.

Do I have to feel guilty for what is happening far away from my home?
Can I complain because someone else is living in poor conditions?
Do I really have to care about someone who comes into my own country to avoid starving to death?
After all, what can we do for a boat of immigrants sinking in the Mediterranean sea?

And what if it was a dogs' boat? How would we be reacting?
Maybe by adopting a Third World dog.
Maybe adopting a Third World Dog

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